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The nom de plume of the reclusive 4-track punk musician _____ __ ____.

One man Seattle band Hellseth Bent added his 99th song on his ninth album, 'Immortal garbage' in December of 2010, the entirety of which was mixed through a guitar multi-pedal and mastered to a Tascam recorder before being published.

The album's name is indicitive of Hellseth's theory that he might exist in his effigy and music long after his death if he could achive a strategic saturation of the internet with his material.
Hellseth Bent might say something like;

'Fan the unique and unknown artist. '

'Embrace low budget creation.'

'Anyone who wants to can do this.'

'Shape your art as you like to see it and with no concern for ridicule .
by Dirty rockers December 13, 2010
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