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1. Originated in Oakland in the mid-70s.
2. Original pronunciation of "hella".
3. Was funny because it confused people.
4. First used in a movie: E.T. (1982). Boy looks in fridge and mumbles to himself, "nothin' but hella shit in here."
5. Kids began to say "heck of" to keep from getting in trouble w/ parents.
6. Phrase was never "hell of a."
"It's hell of bad"
"That's hell of jive"
by DontCallItYayArea August 07, 2006
The phrase that the word hella is the contraction of. Hell of means the same thing as hella, but it conveys more emphasis. It is always the most stressed word in the sentence.
It's hell of fucked up that his mom died.
by blair April 12, 2004
a word derived from 'hell of a lot', cousin to word hella, meaning 'very' or 'a lot'. known to be used by nevada county stoners, which are from wayyyyy norcal
"that was hellof fun last nite"
'that girl is hellof hot"
by cho cho April 13, 2004
meaning "very" or "a lot of"
saying HELLA is hellof gay
by mdizzzzzzzzz January 14, 2006
a new variation of the norcal "hella".. usually employed by those more in tune with modern street lingo. common to san luis obispo, livermore, and chico.
"that was a hell of sick set that tiesto spun at spundae"

"i hell of houdini'd chris' mom after she refused to make me potstickers."
by langan April 29, 2003

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