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A sexual display wherein a male gyrates his pelvis so that his flaccid penis whirls in a radial manner like the blades of a helicopter. Such a display is often used to impress a female or females before a sexual act.
Jane was uncertain as to whether she would allow John to perform the act of vaginal penetration until he used his helicopter dick maneuver, then she readily succumbed.
#lonely island #penis #impress #sex #alize
by Philosopher Queen July 09, 2011
A trick where one spins their penis around in circles reminiscent to the spinning of helicopter blades. Often used on a first date to impress a girl.

I think there was a lonely island song or something, but this maneuver has been around for hundreds of years and is an integral part of many cultures.

This maneuver can be performed in unfamiliar situations to make new friends.
I would normally not put out on the first date... but his helicopter dick... I had no choice.
#helicopter #dick #lonely island #foqueasy #cincinnatti bulldozer #mongolian super buffet
by S0ygamer July 04, 2011
The act of spinning one's dick in a circular motion to imitate the rotating blades of a helicopter.
Fellas.. Get ready.. To impress a chick, helicopter dick GO, helicopter dick GO
#helicockter #dick slang #meatspin #snl #3-way
by DopeitsDom May 26, 2011
The act of thrusting your pelvis so that your penis moves in a circular motion.

The #1 way to impress a chick.

Used in The Lonely Islands song, "3-way (Golden Rule)".
To impress a chick...Helicopter Dick!
#helicopter #dick #the lonely island #3-way #the golden rule
by Mustangs113 June 01, 2011
Created in 1879 by Winston Wellington, the act of helicoptering the dick involves the circular spinning motion of the penis.

Works for all penis sizes and if performed correctly makes the penis appear an inch or two larger than usually is.

It is a quick and easy way to impress a lady, or ladies. Law enforcement officers and land-lords are impervious to the act and it is not advised to use it in situations involving either or both.
"She was not impressed by my choad, so I performed the helicopter dick and she was all over me."
#helicopter #dick #heli #helicopterdick #impress #sexual things
by MrHelicopter October 02, 2011
The hilarity that ensues when a femme tries on her masculine-identified significant other's strap-on, and ends up just swinging it around randomly, yet in centrifugal motions, similar to a helicopter.
I spent 3 hours in the bathroom wearing a strap-on for the first time ever playing HelicopterDick.
#helicopterdick #helicopter #dick #penis #phallus #strapon #strap-on
by HeatherYvonne January 12, 2015
A dance invented by Adam Morehouse, aka "Novawar" from the popular youtube channel LifesAGlitchTV. Usually preformed sitting in a desk chair, and always preformed to dubstep, most commonly the song "Bangarang" by Skrillex, it involves pumping your fists up into the air, as well as backstroking repeatedly. The dance is a reference to a time LAGTV went to a dubstep club and witness a man pull out his penis and proceed to flail it around to the beat of the dubstep. According to Adam, the dance can solve all of your relationship problems.
Adam preformed the Helicopter Dick for his stream.
#helicopter #lagtv #dick #novawar #dubstep
by Andrewist January 14, 2014
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