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"holy shit" in German.
Nevin: "Hey whats going on? Did you finish that 2000 word essay on Ionic bonds?"
John: "No, why?"
Nevin: "It is due tomorrow..."
John: "Heilige Scheiße!"
by Nevin Ferdinand December 07, 2006
53 27
"Holy shit!" in German. Sometimes used in English instead of holy shit.
Heilige Scheiße!
by Scheißemann February 04, 2009
15 3
Literally "holy shit" in German, most commonly used in an exclamatory manner.
Heilige Scheiße! Did you see that?
by johnnaryry December 14, 2009
11 2
Holy Shit
When I recognized my best friend's hypocrisy, the only thing I could say was Heilige Scheisse
by MeHRaN The HellioN September 09, 2008
6 0