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an idiot man with no purpose in life but to annoy and confuse all he comes into contact with using words such as "beeeep"
An example would be a guy running around yelling "Saxon=joke account" over and over
by Anonymous December 31, 2003
Short name for Hefeweizen, a type of beer that is brewed with wheat, as opposed to the more common barley. It's unfiltered, cloudy, and kicks the shit out of your common on-tap special. A favorite of beer snobs everywhere.
Slovenly Drunk: "Dude, let's go get a case of Bud Light!"

Sophisticated Beer Snob: "I'll drink that piss when I'm dead. Give me a Heffy or give me death."
by The Motherfuckin' Mailbox September 21, 2007
A fat, bipolar waste of life who spends his days surviving on the money of the taxpayers and watching Power Rangers all day.
Dude, you've changed man. When did you become such a Heffy?
by Dude- January 22, 2008
A world of warcraft god.
Heffy crits you for lots.

Heffy, yeh that guy is cool..

Death Row 4 Lyf -favourite line-
by J.D Knowsalot February 03, 2007