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A band that consits of Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt. They are an Electro/Pop/Alternative band currently located in California. They are pretty damn amazing. Kendall Schmidt-- Vocals & Guitar . Dustin Belt-- B.U. Vocals & Guitar. Kendall is currently becoming very famous as Kendall Knight in the show Big Time Rush.

Check Heffron Drive out @ there myspace, twitter and purevolume. (Kendall's Twitter is :@HeffronDrive
Dustin's Twitter is :@dbeltwrites)

Kendall has a youtube account and so does Dustin.

Kendall: K3ndallschmidt go there and listen to his covers and updates on youtube.

Dustin: waldoboi is his username on youtube.
girl- so have you heard of Kendall Schmidt?
other girl- ya. he's in Heffron Drive
girl- he's also in Big Time Rush
other girl- well its good to see he's living his dream.
by mrssiriusblack13 March 29, 2011