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Hedge - referring to George <i>Bush</i>
Head - referring to follower

A Hedge Head is someone, usually ignorant, who is always standing up for George Bush when someone makes a remark about him.
Humza: Bush was such a crappy president

Logan: What! No he wasn't! Lets see you do a better job! What did he do wrong, huh?

Humza: Break first amendment right with the patriot act, invade Iraq on faulty information, and refuse to leave even after 5 years, break the rules of the Geneva convention, hand out enormous tax cuts to the top 2 percent of the wealthiest Americans while leaving the other 98 percent out to dry, support Freddy Mac and Franny May. Just to name a few mistakes.

Logan: So, that doesn't matter! He was amazing... etc.

Jeremy: *under breath* Logan's such a fucking hedge head
by ItsNotLiquor March 06, 2009
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