Language spoken by Hebrewans
Jesus, King of the Hebrewans, spoke Hebrew
by Language spoken by Hebrewans January 02, 2015
A cup of coffee with semen used in place of milk or cream.
Bro, brew me a He'brew, two sperm one sugar!
by MrHatsz August 19, 2012
(from 'Hebrew split'): a quantity of marijuana too small to request from a dealer, typically 1.75g, or half the minimum sale amount of a given retailer. A Hebrew split is usually obtained by pooling funds between 2 people, and splitting the purchase.
Anyone down to get a Hebrew with me on Friday?
by Necron512 December 11, 2009
the language of the kiwis. (heeeey-brew) just like they say fish 'n' chips funny they say hey bro funny. gotta love 'em!
"Oh hebrew, you wanna get some fish 'n' chaps?"

"Hellz yeah :)"
by >-}=P July 26, 2009
he brew; manly beer; aka Budweiser or Heinekin
yo, rebrew me a hebrew
by Hugh G. Rection March 20, 2005

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