watered down,pussified rock

basically rock music was taken over by angsty teens with raging hormones who all dress in the manner of a MALE prostitute (and sometimes like a female prostitute)
Wow,Marilyn Manson.Will you look at the tits on that guy?
by it's just wrong February 20, 2005
an excellent movie by Ralph Bakshi

a poser genre of music that's even more satanic than the original rock & roll or even the government!
pretty fuckin gay,man....

pretty fuckin gay!!
by you suck March 07, 2005
A style of music that totally sucks all of the soul out of music and if you're not careful can suck the soul right out of YOU (possibly through your ass.)
Metal settles for the lowest common denominator and it's musicians lack the taste or the balls required to perform real music.So they settle for bad lyrics,bad vocals,bad fashion (any fashion is bad) and generally show an extreme lack of intelligence,taste or style and a general lack of care for music and musical instruments other than guitar and drums.They're barely more musical than rap.
Rap or rock...hmmm rap is the best kind of music you ppl might say that rappers only talk on a beat..no they stick 2 the flow ok for all the haterz here ok heres a little test ok?get limewire or anything get a good song any artist will do and get the lyrics and try too rap it out..it doesint matter what song you chose..slow..fast..just do the test its not talking
rap is better than rock and all that punk shit..lemme get this straight k rock and all the metal is good too but instead of lisening 2 a rap song for like 2 minutes spend a lil time lisening 2 it..of course every kind of music,theres always gonna b a bad beat or bad lyrics..seriously stop saying rap crap and shit like that cuz its really not..dont only lisen 2 heavy metal
by XleX September 03, 2005
heavy metal is stupid

it only focuses on certain aspects of music and therefore is no better than rap
heavy metal is a really fucking dumb subgenre that shouldn't have made it out of the 70's where it wasn't even considered or taken seriously at all when there was so much awesome "real" music around
if mtv hadn't come along metal wouldn't have had enough exposure to hang around and become popular
either that or they would have had to work alot harder and maybe then the genre wouldn't have turned out to be so shitty and sucky and the utter fucking joke that it is
by .........i fart on you all September 07, 2006
1. adj. A type of rock music that has practically no point. Consists of people screaming and yelling so you cannot understand what they're trying to say. Also has highly distorted guitars and has an extensive use of the crash cymbal on the drums. A well known band is Metallica.
1. I went to that heavy metal concert last night, and now I'm deaf. And for what? I couldn't understand them anyway.
by Jerman Person March 30, 2005
retarded version of rock music where music is no longer appreciated and the goal is to be as offensive and stupid as possible,dress like a homo,look like a fag,or look like a scumbag,and try and act tough or macho

basically they turned good music (rock & roll) into:

So it's basically really gay!

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