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a amateur dj in vancity who be gettin all the bitches.
"yo who's that large dude who had that party bumpin last night?" "yo man that was heavy B! he was off the hook yo!" "fo sho!...i think that guy fucked my sister though!"
by skittle niggz October 02, 2007
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A young male who is in the process of figuring out his sexual identity. Usually contemplates this as he watches star wars and tries to figure out if he is suited to be Han Solo, Princess Leia, or a Wookie.That Heavy D asked out my brother. OR someone so huge and hideous they can not be out in public without being made fun of as in..
awwhh f*** here comes Heavy D
Heavy B is too hideous, probably because he is figuring out his sexual identity.
by El Chief August 22, 2006
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