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A girl who has a lot to her: she's smart, funny, nice, honest, sexy and beautiful. Looks as though she is a Goddess, The only thing is: she doesn't know any of that. She doesn't believe it although people around her tell her it's true all the time. She's a great sport and has a heart the size of the ocean. She's just straight adorable. If she truly falls in love, She loves with all of her heart and soul. If you ever need her, she is there. Her feelings get hurt easily but she bounces back quickly, Although, deep hurts take longer to get over. If you do her wrong, or hurt her deeply, she doesn't forget and she will hold the grudge for a lifetime. If you happen to know a Heather, never let her go. She's more than worth your time.
by splittail August 15, 2011
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