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A rare case in which residents who reside in New Mexico suffer from.

If you drink/eat something cold and then throw it away while there is still something left because you had a "brain freeze", the next time you drink/eat something cold, you will have a heart freeze.

There has only been once case so far of a heart freeze.

A heart freeze cannot be transmitted sexually, orally, or by touch.
I just had a heart freeze!
by EmOsLuT69 January 16, 2006
Doing/seeing/hearing something so horrible or regretful that makes your heart numb and feeling no emotion in your soul.

Friend:Hey!Guess what?
Friend:I saw Vanessa.
Me:Which one?
Friend:8th grade Vanessa
Me:Oh yeah,what about her?
Friend:Saw her at the mall
Friend:She asked if you had all honors classes,and I told her no you didn't,she also said that she was VERY disappointed in you and she thought that you were smarter than her.
Me:After all the info you just told me...I think I just had a heart freeze.....
by marstar94 March 01, 2008
Drinking a cold beverage so fast that your heart feels like it's freezing.
Nick finally experienced a heart freeze.

Alyssa laughed.
by Spidergirl May 09, 2012