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Headley down is an area close to Bordon yet vastly different and often muddled. It contains the Heatherlands estate, on which lives what most of the English population calls Chavs. This term is one the Headley Downers find highly amusing, and given its bias definition, largly untrue.

The One Stop is the focal point of the estate, a place to meet, chat and hang out- even in the rain. From its frontage, Young lads with nothing better to do will Intimidate passers by to great amusement.

This is not, as many believe due to their thuggish behaviour- but simply a lack of anything more exciting to do.

Headley down chavs are vastly superiour to those from Bordon. This can be seen by their taste for expensive bling (the bordon lot wear costume jewellery), Their ability to co-ordinate (no red heels and pink tracksuits HERE thanks) and their habit of winning fights instead of losing...
"Headley downers born and bred, Thick in the arm and strong in the head" (altered slightly)
by Madam Mim October 21, 2006
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