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Inexplicably popular 2012/13 hairstyling choice where all of the hair is shanghaied and rattlily imprisoned in an ungainly and often terrifyingly large bun, which bobbles in a poorly anchored area directly on the top of the head. (Thus the acronym B.O.T. = Bun On Top.) HeadBOTs tend to look as though the wearer has sprung an extra unfortunate appendage and have been known to traumatize the unsuspecting observer... especially small children. HeadBOTs are notably popular in Frankfurt. Reasons for this popularity are yet unknown.

Variation: WannaBOT: Meager Buns On Top worn by those who don't have quite enough hair to fulfill a HeadBOT's fearsome requirements.
"AAaaahhhh!! What the bleep is that!?"

"Don't worry Donny, it's only a HeadBOT... it can't hurt you."
by neenjabunny September 09, 2013
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-=-HsH-=- heAd boT

He´s a killer ! With a group of psychos behind him !!!!

Uses : Counter Strike Source
Uses : Razer Copperhead
Uses : A High-End machine

Needs : beer to survive ;-)
http: // /groups / headshothorde

HSH rulez
written by heAd boT
by heAd boT November 23, 2007
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