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Head Noise - A bout of serve stress, brought about by living in a modern urban enviroment. Usally highlighted by excessive worry, keeping you up late at night
"Hows your Head Noise today?"

"I didnty sleep last night, my girlfriend left me, I lost my wallet, I cant remeber where I parked the car, I have heavy head noise"
by Kitch Cooper September 28, 2005
The intense thoughts in one’s head, often due to anxiety, stress, or elation, which seem to be louder than and may cause one to be unresponsive to one’s environment.
“Be home by ten.” “What?” “I said be home by ten.” “Sorry, I’m so excited for tonight I couldn’t hear you over my head noise.”

“The teacher said you only have to study the first two chapters.” “He never said that!” “Yeah he did, he was standing right by you when he said it.” “Oh, I don’t know why I didn’t hear that part. I’m so stressed about this assignment.” “I guess your head noise drowned him out.”

“Hmm, what?” “Seriously dude? We’ve been talking to you for like 5 minutes.” “Sorry, I was daydreaming. The head noise was up full blast.”
by MastaRoe July 10, 2011
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