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An abbreviation for Heroin (an elicit street drug usually injected intravenously or snorted)
That girl is so skinny she looks like a he'n addict.
by anonymous June 26, 2003
1 3
A scottish term for a female.
Postive connotation.
Usually an older people say it to youths.
"How you daein, hen?"
by amy jay July 12, 2005
230 80
Hennessy (an alcoholic beverage)
My friends brought a bottle of Hen to the party.
by tvfreak2020 July 09, 2003
195 89
A group of women talking and laughing which sounds very much like a gathering of hens.

Similar sounds can be heard on the television show "the view"
You can hear those hens in the breakroom down the hall. What is so funny?

The View is on again. Those cackling hens need a life!
by duhreese February 18, 2010
50 14
A female bird, especially the adult female of the domestic fowl.
Hey look. A hen.
by me November 02, 2003
59 39
One eighth of an ounce of marijuana.

As in short for Henry The Eighth
"Hey Tom can you pick me up a hen"
by Drewan Oydll April 27, 2007
55 43
a group of women prattling on about shit no one cares about and paying no fucking attention to anything going on around them; frequently seen on trains and at bars.
Sorry dude, I couldn't get a seat on the train because some fat cunt hens were clogging up the doorway.
by Pancho45 March 01, 2013
15 5
1) A female, ugly or not. a hen is a hen
Let's go out to this party to look for some hens.
by October 14, 2008
27 20