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a mixed people. you will never find one that does not have samoan, chinese, filipino, or Portuguese in them. not always fat, lazy, and stupid. Most work harder than lots of people. good swimmers and fisherman. Had electricity in the kings and queens palaces before the white house. Were doing good with no diseases or problems in health until the white people invaded and took over the land by throwing the queen in her palace and locking her there till she agreed to sign over Hawaii to america. overall a nice good natured people until you piss them off
kimo: look at that sexy Hawaiian overthere!
by HIstate808 January 07, 2014
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A relativley large brown man/woman. Very good at surfing. Walks bare foot. Owns at least 5 pairs of board shorts. Is intimidated by development. on an average will only work two jobs in life consistantly. Thinks any extra work or thought is unnecessary. Will never witness Big Foot. Enjoys sitting in traffic. Doesnt vote or believe in being on time. And is not accustomed to interaction with African Americans.
Hello, im a lazy HAWAIIAN.
by suckatarious July 23, 2013
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