An adjective thats both Hott and Awesome.
"The ass on that bitch is HAWSOME!"

"This hotel sweet is hawsome!"
by Snappy Clinton January 27, 2012
Top Definition
A play on a gamer's exclaimation of "Awesome" played repeatedly in a ventrilo harassment session. The term was coined by the prankster's choice of a screen name as "Haw-some." Has evolved to constitute a meaning combining "Hawt" and "Awesome"

Reference: Youtube clip - Ventertainment - Nerd Confusion 2: Awesome Edition
"Dude, you think you run fast? I could get hacks since the GM's never on..."

"That looks so fun."

by Excruciarius November 30, 2009
Drunk to the extent of pure dementia.
What he did last night was hawsome!
by Brassa October 01, 2011
A mix between hot and awesome
John is so hawsome and really really cool
by Tiffany April 12, 2005
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