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A play on a gamer's exclaimation of "Awesome" played repeatedly in a ventrilo harassment session. The term was coined by the prankster's choice of a screen name as "Haw-some." Has evolved to constitute a meaning combining "Hawt" and "Awesome"

Reference: Youtube clip - Ventertainment - Nerd Confusion 2: Awesome Edition
"Dude, you think you run fast? I could get hacks since the GM's never on..."

"That looks so fun."

by Excruciarius November 30, 2009
10 1

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Drunk to the extent of pure dementia.
What he did last night was hawsome!
by Brassa October 01, 2011
4 1
An adjective thats both Hott and Awesome.
"The ass on that bitch is HAWSOME!"

"This hotel sweet is hawsome!"
by Snappy Clinton January 27, 2012
2 0
A mix between hot and awesome
John is so hawsome and really really cool
by Tiffany April 12, 2005
12 12