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"Go Fuck Yourself"
When engaging in a debate and the opposition is too dim witted to grasp the concept so you politely suggest they, "Have a cookie."

Most effective in public places or in mixed polite company.
by St. Evil October 03, 2009

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Absurd phrase used to distract, deflect or add irrational levity to a conversation. Typically used by ignorant people who have no useful knowledge or relevant input to a discussion.
"I believe the Schrodinger equation fails to calculate the probabilities of certain outcomes in any state of the quantum system, what do you think?" "Have a cookie!"
by noriddle January 26, 2010
Sarcastic phrase ever. Most likely used as a response to someone who points out the obvious.
Person 1: Hey, Earth was created by God.

Person 2: Have a cookie.
by PepsiTravis October 18, 2010