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Havanas rooftop was once a haven where the beautiful, interesting and diverse people of Norwich flocked; where they could get lost in the wide ranging genre's of music that soaked into their souls (sometimes along with a bit of rain.) It was a place where people could release some trusty endorphins and have a laugh with old friends, new friends and if drunk enough, themselves. However recently it has been banned from playing the sweet sweet music by the council: so the beautiful, interesting and diverse people of Norwich now have to walk the streets, wailing in misery at their loss, and causing more racket than they would be if they were onboard the infamous Havana rooftop.
Guy: Shall we go to Havanas rooftop? It was so much fun last time we went!

Girl: Haven't you heard? IT'S SHUT.

Guy: The culture of Norwich has suffered a great loss.
by Mr.H. November 24, 2010
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