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The official Hebrew anthem. The fameous last words of many Jewish people who were murdered by the nazis in WW2. The Tikva (=Hope) was written by Naftali Hertz Eimber.

Kol od ba'levav- penima,
Nefesh yehudi- homia,
U'lfa'atei mizrah- kadima,
A'in le'tzion- tzofia,
Od lo avda tikvateinu!
Ha'tikva bat shnot alpa'im!
Lihiyot am hofshi- be'artzenu,
Eretz tzion veyrushala'im.

Freestyle translation:

As long as it's inside the heart- deep,
A Jewish soul- waiting,
And in the direction of East- forward,
An eye for Zion- watching,
Our hope is not yet lost!
The hope still lives today (year 2000)!
Being free people in our own country,
The country of Zion and Jerusalem.

Tehi tzion ha'shlema!
The "Hope" plays eternaly in every Jewish man's heart. Once a man sings "Hatikva" out, they all forget their fears, their differences, their fights- and just sing together, as a brotherhood of man. This is what the Nazis didn't have, the only reason the Jewish people aren't extinct. Their Hope, their Tikva is what strives them to their victory.
by YuvalBer. April 27, 2006
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