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One of the most disgusting videos on the internet, to this date. This video makes even 2girls1cup seem like child’s play. It features a man, some genitals, and a hatchet, the man proceed to get rid of the genitals, record it and share it with the world.
Dude have u seen 2girls1cup? Dude wtf faygot, have you seen hatchet vs genitals?
by Dro Co November 18, 2007
the sickest video ever... it features a man cutting his own dick, then possibly the same or different man cutting his balls off with a hatchet... i watched the whole thing... very extreme stuff...
me:(sends hatchet vs genitals link to friend)
friend:what is it?
me:just watch it
friend:oohh hell no.... i couldnt watch the whole thing
friend: u watched the whole thing?? u got balls dude....
by frankozz December 29, 2007

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