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The art of making hat-tricks. This term is most commonly used when a player gets three kills in a row, and in others words "Makes a Hat." This profession is only for professionals, and therefore should not even be spoken about by inferior people (Hat Buyers).

There are two types of people in the world: Hat Makers and Hat Buyers. Which type of person you are is determined at the time of your birth. When you are born, you are either wearing a hat or the doctor gives you a hat. If you are born with a hat then you are destined to be a Hat Maker... However, if the doctor gives you a hat then you are destined to become a hat buyer, which ensures your failure throughout life.
Ex1.: "Yo Brandon how's the business?"
"Pretty mulge, been makin' hats all night on these kids."

Ex2.: "Hey dude are you any good at that game?"
"Are you fucking kidding me? Did you see how much Hat Making went on that game because of me?"
by Legit Hat Maker December 06, 2009
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