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On Twitter, a Hash Tag (#) Whore is a Twitter user who places a hash tag in front of nearly every word in their tweets in an attempt to get as much attention as possible
One Girl to Another: Check out the Tweet from Zoe!

Tweet: goin 2 tha #club 2nite #getwild #getcrazy imma wearin my #sessy #dress from #forever21

Another: What a Hash Tag Whore!

Girl: She totally needs to lay off the hash tags
by June 24, 2010
Someone on on twitter who over uses the "hashtag" (#)
Joe's Tweet-My #friends and #I just got #home from the #baseball #game

Sam's Tweet- @Joe your a #hahstagwhore

Everyone hates a hashtag whore
by Dub O July 24, 2011
Someone, usually female, who has a wall of hashtags, probably copied and pasted because most of them are completely irrelevant to the photo, on all of their Instagram photos in an attempt to get likes.
That girl is definitely a Hashtag Whore. Once she put #potato on one of her selfies.
by LeUrbanDefiner November 08, 2015
A person who types too many hashtags and includes hashtags that are not relevant to the main subject. They are attempting to seem clever, they don't respect or understand the purpose of hashtags, and/or they will do anything to get attention.
Joe unfollowed Chuck on Facebook because Chuck was a disgusting hashtag whore. Every one of Chuck's posts was riddled with abstract hashtags.

Suzie knew she was a two-bit hashtag whore, but she continued to defile her tweets because she has an addiction to new followers and could not resist the opportunity to appear in a search result.

Jane had to divorce Michael when she realized he was an Instagram hashtag whore. Up until then, she loved his sense of humor. He took a photo of his wedding ring and hashtagged: #Precious #Love # Happiness #Life #Metal #HeavyMetal #RockStar #WearProtection #Circle #Shape #Round #Hole #Jewelry #Treasure #PiratesBooty #OnePlusOne #EqualsTwo #TwoForOne #Lucky #BabyTime #ILoveHerSoMuchButImADumbAssAndSheKnowsItNow
by OneMaleHuman April 28, 2015
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