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Harvard Model Congress otherwise known as HMC, is an annual simulation of Congress. The attendees comprise of the following:
1) Kids who really care about politics and usually get emotional about controversial issues
2) Horny kids looking to get some at the delegate ball
3) Kids who go to miss 2 days of school
4) The rest of the people there

Over 1500 high school students descend upon Boston for this event, usually the Sheraton hotel. All other hotel guests are royally pissed because it takes them 20 minutes to catch an elevator. While walking down the halls of the hotel floors, one can hear things from kids screaming about legislation to kids yelling about why they get the hotel bed to themselves. One of the most popular should activities at HMC is to look out your hotel window and look for people doing strange things in their hotel rooms. Generally, boys look for babes undressing near the window with the curtain undrawn. While doing this, the odds of being mooned by a guy are about 200 times more likely than actually seeing a chick, let alone a hot one undressing near the window.
Guy 1: Dude, that girl is getting raped by the Secretary of Defense!
Guy 2: What do you expect? This is the HMC dance.

Guy 1: Did you hear that they legally changed the drinking age to 12?
Guy 2: Sick man! Where did you hear about this?
Guy 1: I co-authored this bill at Harvard Model Congress.

by smt1192 February 23, 2009
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