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Prior to recieving oral pleasures, a member of the male sex draws a pair of studious spectacles, various math equations, and large buck teeth on his Jack Johnson in order to shock the provider of the oral quoitus. Thus, the Harvard Hotdog has been accomplished.
Samuel: Hello there, Charles.

Charles: Hello there, Samuel.

Samuel: So, Charles. May I inquire as to how your evening with Emily went?

Charles: You may, good sir.

Samuel: Very good. How did your evening with Emily go?

Charles: Well, Samuel, I had a bit of fun with her in that regard.

Samuel: How do you mean, sir?

Charles: Well, Samuel, I pulled the old Harvard Hotdog.

Samuel: Very nice old chap!

Charles: Indeed, Samuel! It was the best of times for me. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about dear Emily.

Samuel: What can one expect? I would be in shock, too, Charles!

Charles: Indeed! Fuck that cunt, Samuel!
by Samuel Bissell November 19, 2008

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before recieving oral pleasures, a man draws, with a black marker, a pair of studious glasses and various math equations on his jack johnson to surprise the pleasure giver.
so did you get your d wet last night?


what? why not? i thought you had it all set up?

i pulled the old harvard hotdog.

by samuel bissell November 05, 2008