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The name for anything unexplained in the universe... Almost like a ninja, almost.
"What was that!" Said Mr. Anon
"Must have been haru" Replied Miss. Ymous
by Niwa_Nodoka November 07, 2008
Sunshine; springtime

Haru was ranked 18th most popular name of 2006 in Japan, written with the character for "sunshine". It is the first or last element of a number of names, such as Haruko, Haruka, Haruna, Hiroaki, Hideaki. It is also the Japanese vocabulary word for springtime. The character for "spring" is a possible way to write the name, among others.
The flowers remind me of Haru
by Sally's Ex February 04, 2010
Basically, a bitch.
Don't be such a haru, Daisy.
by A. Noni Miss July 29, 2008
A haur.
John, stop being a haur.
by #poring August 12, 2003
panty wearing dick sucking cow malesting lover boy
by Anonymous September 03, 2003