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One of the farce Harry Potter novels. Harry Potter finds a book written by the Half-Black Prince, who is none other than Barack Obama. At first, Harry learns many interesting things from the book, like about Hope. His friends tell him to throw it away because it contains occasional sentences like "I am a Muslim and support terrorists" and "I want to become leader of the Fourth Reich in America"
This books leads up to the point where Harry will do battle with the anti-christ (Obama) and destroy him.
Person 1: Yo I read this book called Harry Potter and the Half-Black Prince and told me all about how the government was behind conspiracies such as the faked moon landing and 9/11!!"
Person 2: "Ya, man it was printed into a book, so it must be true. Stick a crucifix right through his heart! Anarchy! Anarchy!"
by dsbhjsdbhsdfhb October 20, 2009
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