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A hangover so bad it leaves a visible scar.
"All I know is I woke up with a Harry Potter hangover and a road cone, man."
by theadequate November 03, 2009
the deadish feeling you get the next day of school or work after seeing the midnight premier of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows
cody- dude I can't focus, I'm gonna fail the econ quiz.

josue- I know, I'm feeling that Harry Potter Hangover too
by Mr. Ody November 18, 2010
when you wake up in the morning after a midnight showing of Harry Potter with one or more of the following symptoms:

throbbing headache, intense excitement, need to talk to everyone about the movie, post-potter depression, and sore muscles from standing/sitting/lying down in line
and of course extreme sleepiness
Man, I don't know if I'll be able to go to school today, I have a Harry Potter Hang over.

Rachelle is falling asleep on her desk, yet she has a huge grin on her face and is trying to talk to me about the movie, yet Bria who hasn't yet seen the movie is telling her to be quiet. She must have a Harry Potter hang over.
by HotHipsOfShaki November 20, 2010
The day after the midnight premiere where you feel like you've been hit with the worst hangover.
symptoms include: migraine, feeling drowsy, excessive talk of the movie to people who were there too.
Man, last night was awesome but I've got the worst Harry Potter Hangover!
by rowenaravenclaw November 20, 2010
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