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A non-alcoholic beverage that is prepared using half iced tea and half semen.
dude i got 50 bucks to drink a harry palmer last night!!
by Bubblegumjones April 04, 2012
Harry Palmer is former President of a Scientology mission in Elmira. Harry Palmer is also founder and president of Star's Edge Inc. Star's Edge is the corporate entity that promotes and administers the Avatar course, a course intended to instruct students on how to effect positive changes in 1heir lives through the management of their beliefs.
"The tools that Harry Palmer created for beliefmagement exploring, really works for me!"
by Ronald R.J. Cools December 16, 2007
He's a fuckin' Leg!

This nigz knows what's going down.

He can chill with the best of them.

Still loves cock though.
"Man Harry Palmer is cool!"

"Very true, although I heard he loves to smoke a cock or two"
by Scott666 August 28, 2008
The protagonist of K.J. Rowling's book. This ignorant teenage zitfaced twit received international acclaim for his masturbatory tendencies.
Man, did you read Rowling's latest Harry Palmer book?
by Frank Klaune November 13, 2004
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