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Used by people stupid who can't say 'Atrocious' It means the same but it just shows how retarded they are when they use it.
Iona: OMG! that was harrocious!
Caroline: WTF! harrocious isn't even a word you idiot!
Iona: Yes it is it means bad or rubbish.
Caroline: Shut up Iona, you mean Atrocious. You are a retard.
by CazBaz May 17, 2011
a word meaning both horrible and ferocious. usually used to describe a craving or something terrible which has happened.
dude 1: far out i need a burrito harrociously
dude 2: oath. cool night.

dude 2.1: my cat got run over
girl 1: shitt thats harrocious man
by wolfbikerD February 28, 2010