Harmony Heights is the worst school on Long Island. You might as well get expelled and get the GED. There are plenty of girls with emotional problems who live in the orphanage. They aren't even allowed to attend public school and yet they are treated way more unfairly than children who have a family. Don't make us pity those girls at Harmony Heights! In reality those girls are nothing but spoiled brats!

Why waste more money on our taxes to fund a special education school? The school district has to pay tuition for these girls to attend Harmony Heights.
by Dahliarose February 06, 2010
Top Definition
A small alternative all girls boarding and day school in Oyster Bay Cove/ East Norwich Long Island New York. Known for having academically gifted students with emotional problems. A sad yet fun menagerie of girls who do not fit into to the typical HS scene. Also known for having a lot of lesbian and bi-sexual girls.
"That hot girl from 9th grade got sent to Harmony Heights for having a nervous breakdown and now I hear she's a lesbian"
by Harmony Girl March 06, 2007
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