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The female on the back of a Harley, riding bitch. Typically middle-aged. Native dress includes combinations of the following: a bikini, leather vest, leather chaps, jeans, hot pants, a bandana, leather jacket, concert t-shirt, high heels, f***-me boots. Most likely following her man to Sturgis, or wherever the hell else he told her he was going when he picked her up at that truck stop in Rawlins. Her looks are irrelevant; ugly or hot, the way she straddles that bike is guaranteed to turn you on.
A little boy is sitting in the back seat of a car as it is passed by a biker and his harlette.
Little boy: "cooool..."
Little boy's mother: "Harlot."

Seen on a biker t-shirt: "If you can read this, the bitch fell off."
by zoiks November 10, 2006
A great band, with Maz on bass,lizzie on guitar, Iona vocals & staz on drums!
"Harlette you rock"
by Joey April 04, 2004

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