1. Short for Harimad-Sol, which stands for Hari is Mad-Sol. Sol is spanish for sun...don't ask me why it's used.

2. Angel. Don't you deny it!
Hari flew around on her angelic wings, not in a hurry to go anywhere.
by Ella March 01, 2004
Top Definition
a sexy guy, of bosnian discent, and is a ladies man. Dont mess with him because as kind as he is he doesnt take any shit. He is very funny and loves to joke around. he has a one of a kind swagg and is probably the cleanest person you will ever meet. He is very hott and will probably take your girlfriend away from you if he wanted to
You should have seen it, everyone turned around, its as if haris walked in the room.
by Jasmina5649 February 17, 2009
he is the sexiest smartest cutest hottest guy....wow he's the guy of every girlz dream, if you see him you would probabbly want to fuck him up the ass...wow so sexy
wow tht haris iz sexy
by Courtney July 19, 2004
Adjective of the word Har which means something great and intense.
"That movie was so hari, man.
by Harisaanth.T May 03, 2006
The epitome of shit
"I have to take a Hari"
"You are a piece of Hari"
"Eat Hari, bitch"
by The Local Sanwich Maker June 13, 2016
Adjective meaning "so-so" or "middling."
Based on the Johari Window, a personality-measuring technique created by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham, and the Nohari window, a negative spin popularized in an online quiz created by Kevan Davis circa 2006. "Hari" is the mid-point between johari and nohari.

Synonym: meh
While Neopolitan ice cream is delicious, vanilla is just hari.
by aerinha March 18, 2006
In this definition I only describe hari as Japanese synonymous word for acupuncture. Hari means fine needle. Please see details in acupuncture.
Japanese people call hari or shinkyu for acupuncture.
by ramunenakayama@hotmail.com January 06, 2008
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