A group of douchbags who are "hardcore" usually meaning they're suburbian parents won't buy them a car or ipod so they go take their aggression out on friction in the air. Hardcore dancing was originated by a homosexual act called the hardomonous coramonous where the same type of people do the same types of moves only naked and with foreign objects being put into eachothers rectal cavities while playing loud senseless music and interupting peoples enjoyment of the show.
-Hey you going to the hardomonous coramonous later?

-No i'm gonna go to a concert and do it with my clothes on.

-Oh thats cool lets call it hardcore dancing because it "looks" like we're dancing.
by Mr. Gabe May 19, 2008
its like...mosh mixed with skank..and it makes you look stupid. Basically you swing your arms around like an idiot. It apperently takes "skill" to do, but basically all skill went away after it lost the aspects linked to skanking. People who do it say your a pussy if you dont..but really you just have intellect. They also say your a pussy to mosh, but really moshing is all the fun, without the accidental face beating. hardcore dancing is a fad that is mostly done because everyone else is doing it, when the generation grows up...hopfully they'll realize how stupid there chopped up hair, tight pants, and flailing really is. Unfortunatly by then there will probibly be another generation of idiots doing it with different cloths on. I figure the next fad will be hobocore.
hardcore dancer: "Your a pussy cause you mosh. A real man would hardcore dance and get his face kicked in"

mosher: "A real man would wear mens pants...and a smart man would avoid unnecessary pain.Hardcore dancing is illogical"
by freakincody7 August 03, 2008
A stupid fucking form of "Dancing", that hardcore/scene kids do to make themselves seem tough, even though if they went to a Metal(real) show they'd get there asses kicked immediatly for being so fucking stupid. These kids always say they could take on a metal person...Bullshit!!! There might be a possibility if they were a 8 year old girl with pigtails and a skinned knee.
I might go to a hardcore show with some of my friends just to beat the shit out of these hardcore dancing fucks.
by Dan Thorson March 15, 2006
A form of dancing often seen at hardcore shows (hence the name "hardcore dancing.")
It features rather violent, frenetic moves emphasizng punching, kicking, and spinning.
Originating in the Boston scene of the mid-1990s, hardcore dancing is an evolution of the punk/ska dance called skanking. After a while, hardcore kids decided that two-stepping around in a circle was stupid, especially if the person in front of you was going really slow. Thus, they began to form a pit around a few individual dancers, who would proceed with said acrobatics for 30 seconds or so, before rejoining the crowd (hardcore dancing is only possible in short bursts, if it's done right).
Hardcore dancers often form crews that frequent shows together. Crew dancers are often fiercely competitive and rather elitist.
In scenes such as New York, the dancing is very style-based and exclusive, and the kids look after each other (i.e. when somebody falls or gets hit). In scenes like Philly and Jersey, the dancing is also very exclusive, but the dancing is extremely violent, and injuries and fights are more common. On the West Coast, the dancing is style-based as in NYC, but not nearly as exclusionary.
Hardcore dancing is often looked down upon by certain punks and hardcore purists, who think its silly, and favor more communal dancing. However, they are full of shit and should be spin-kicked in the face, just so they know how silly it is. It takes more skill, anyway.
Two-step: One foot swings around in front of the other and replaces it. The other foot swings around and replaces the first foot, and so on and so forth. Done stylishly with arm swings.

Windmill: Arms swing all the way around, opposite each other.

Floor punching: Punch straight at the (you guessed it!) floor, alternating hands and bringing up elbows all the way, and stomping the opposite foot.

Spin kick- Spin a full turn extending the inside foot in the middle of the rotation, ninja-style.

Throw: Reach elbow straight back, then throw kinda sidearm-style, while crouched and stomping like hell on the floor. Usually only done with one hand.

Arm swing: One arm goes from side-to-side in front of you very rapidly, while the other hand is behind your back, over your face, grabbing your belt buckle, etc. Done while stomping on floor.
by This Mute Print Lies. July 19, 2005
From the Latin to suck at everything (Hardcorus Danci), something Emo kids try to do instead of crying to seem Bad ass.
Did you guys see that guy hardcore dancing? He probably hates his upper middle-class suburban home and the SUV his parents bought for him, that's why he's angry.
by Eli August 22, 2004
Hardcore Dancing is a bunch or retards punching and kicking air. It's laughable. Yeah you gotta be in shape to do it and it hurts like hell to get hit, but it looks retarded. I love going to shows to mosh rather than flail my arms around to nothing.

Hardcore Dancing sucks and I hate going to hardcore concerts because of it.
Shit i'm going to a Throwdown concert. I guess everyone will look really angry and try to hurt everyone in the name of a fun time and 12 bucks spent. Fuck that shit.
by watchmedie April 19, 2005
When a bunch of kids get together at shows and start flailing their arms and swinging their fists in any direction, probably hoping to hit someone and innocently call it an "accident" because they are afraid to get wrecked by the guy they hit.

They also wear bandannas so you can't see their face. Pussies.

A waltz is a dance, guys. Hardcore dancing is just a constant seizure.
Whild hardcore dancing ,Some hardcore dancer gave Cody a concussion after a hit from a Windmill. When we confronted him after the show, He said it was an accident. We fucked him up anyways.
by CantShutMeUp July 27, 2006

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