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Charles Dickens, the famous author who wrote "A Christmas Carol" was also a farmer.
As he wasn't a successful author until later in his life, he found it hard to make a living.
On his farm, he grew apples, cherries, and walnuts.
He would take his apples to market,but never had much luck selling all of them. Those that he didn't sell, he would make cider from.
He would take this cider to market, and it didn't sell to greatly either.
He then added a bit of brandy to this cider, and he sold every bottle of the first batch in less than 2 hours.

A star was born.
After a long day at work, ask your wife if you may get your Hard Dickens Cider, and it would make you feel better.
#fruit #christmas #authors #apples #drinks
by timred December 16, 2006
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