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One of the most common swear phrases used in the Maltese Islands. It is in the Maltese Language, and literally means "Fuck God". Used in many cases where the person is either upset or angry about something.

This swear word has been in existence long before the Knights of St. John arrived in Malta. In fact, in the times of The Great Siege of Malta in the final battle between Jean Parisot De La Vallette from the Order Of St John and Dragut from the Ottoman Empire, it is documented that before Dragut was killed he told La Vallette 'Foxx ommok toqtolnix haqq alla' which means 'fuck your mother do not kill me fuck god' (thanks to Terence Gatt aka Il-Mulej for his research)
"Toqtolnix haqq alla!", which means "Don't kill me, fuck god!"

"Trid tiggieled, Haqq Alla?", meaning "Wanna fight, fuck god?"

"Qisek Haqq Alla", meaning "You're like a 'fuck god'" (see full explanation of this phrase for more info)
by L-iSkatenat August 18, 2010
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