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A nicer word for the common recreational yet illegal drug cocaine.
Employee 1: Omg look at Katie. That woman is amazing..she worked 80 hours last week and still comes into work every morning so full of energy. I mean look at her, she's buzzing around the office like a little bee!

Employee 2: Oh I guess you don't know about Katie's little problem do you?

Employee 1: What problem?

Employee 2: She's just just high on the happy dust that's all. Katie is looking to get a promotion and is gonna do almost anything to get it!

Employee 1: Dang...and I thought she was just that brilliant! Now I feel like an idiot...

Employee 2: Sorry hun, that's the happy dust for ya!
by lady lynxx April 01, 2009
Cocaine, marijuana, meth, any type of drug that you can think of. Something you can scream at random times during the day and have people stare at you and give you weird looks.
Rachel: Wanna go smoke some happy dust?

Mckenzie: Yeah, like duh. HAPPY DUST!!!
by mac&cheesyy June 09, 2010
Put a rubber to paper and rub really hard for 15 seconds then sniff the end. another way is to cut a rubber and use a bong or roll it up and lighting it and sucking in the fumes. other forms can be glue or dry/wet paint
Bianca is such a drag for using happy wonder she is not cool. such a drug attic
by Alterbridgerulz_From_Lyndon September 18, 2006
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