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A happy trail so overgrown, it becomes a happy forest.
Emory: Damn, SangJin, cover up that happy forest!
SangJin: I hate you all.
by unhappytrail December 07, 2009
A trick name for a notorious rape spot
"hey kid do you wanna go to the happy forest"
by L2daS December 30, 2008
The end of a happy trail, usually resulting in the chest hair or pubic hair. Depends on which way your are going north or south. Also see happy trail.
I shot my load all over her happy forest.
by BRIAN B.S.M. December 12, 2007
a word to describe a person's pubic hair that is so thick you can find almost anything in there. preferably little bits of food
ahhh look at her happy forest i found the condom i used last week in there!!
by dfhdskjlgh March 21, 2007
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