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See Happy Tree Friends. (The following definition is based on the cartoon's forums.)

A crazy place where spam runs rampant, furries talk about how they want to sex up the characters, emo and goth 8-11 year olds post about how they want to commit suicide and the occasional smartass enjoys flaming people on a totally unrelated topic. Also common is a thread which argues on a cartoon character's freaking gender.

The ratio for on-topic posts to spam is 1:12. Most on-topic threads aren't worth reading anyway because they'll turn into a flamefest within 5 posts.

In some cases, the boards have actually been used as an insult on other message boards. (i.e "Go back to the HTF forums you scum!")

If you like Happy Tree Friends, steer clear of the message boards because it will warp the way you see the show itself.
Typical Happy Tree Friends Forums' Thread:
Goth1CPuNKben: WHO h3rE LIKES BLoody TEars? they so awe;smoe my fav band EVAR.
32 Pipe Love: You're a dumbass, nobody likes your shitty band.
Foxlady_sex: I LUV U GIGGELS! I WANT 2 SEX!!!
sumguy: balls

by Horuss September 03, 2005
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