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a handshake involving two or more people slapping forearms together, like two happy salmon.
dude, gimme the happy salmon! **consequently makes slapping noises**
by Drew the Zoo October 06, 2006
Putting a hand between the legs of somebody (unknown to the person) and moving your hand rapidly back and forth, touching the legs, in an attempt to freak the person out. The motion of the hand resembles a fish out of water.
-"We so scared that girl with the happy salmon we just pulled. She keeps her back to the wall at all times now. Hahaha!!!"
by IrrelephantElelphant March 28, 2010
A salmon that is between a toasted bun. Vegetables are usually included, mayonnaise is a must.
Who's a happy salmon?

You're a happy salmon for eating the happy salmon sandwich!
by Phishermansonski July 15, 2008
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