1: A goth person, (in my opinion) has no family problems, nd just likes the culture.


2: A goth person, with no family problems, but isnt accepted in the social world, so they arent depressed or anything, they just like the acceptance.


3: Any happy goth person. ^.^
goth is walking down street.

stupid-ass prep whores giggling

they walk up to goth

preps "r u lyke some stupid ass goth whose depressed becuz he mum is a herion addict????"

preps giggle

goth "no, my family is fine i just dont wanna be slutty whore-bitches like u."

preps stop giggling

goth "im just a happy goth."

goth walks away from them.

omg, dat was a shit example.

sorry ppl!!!
by Gothic-Trash-666 July 17, 2006
Top Definition
A boy or girl who was born with a goth additude but does not exactly dress or acossiate with other goths. Someone who is happy and fun but doesnt smile much, has a natural goth additude, is unique. Happy Goth is a personality not a fake life style or fashion trend. An indivitual person who is happy and goth at the same time, thus a Happy Goth.
We all thought she'd be a goth when she was little but it turns out it's only her personality not her fashion-style.

He looks preppy/dresses preppy but acts goth and is happy most of the time so I guess he's a Happy Goth
by xGabiix July 10, 2008
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