is a name, that is often used to describe a German male.
It is also known, that 99% of all Germans are called Hans.
John: Hey do you know the new kid in the school?
Ben: No, but I bet he looks liken a Hans.
by meisterphiz October 07, 2011
Total badass. Always has awesome long hair. He is a motherfucking genie. And yes, ladies if you rub him hard enough he will grant you all your wishes
"you see that guy with the sweet hair"
"yeah man"
"He's a total Hans"
"No way!"
by arsenalsolo14 October 23, 2015
Of Indian decent. To be full of love, passion, power, and influence.
A Hans gives more than he/she takes.
Has mastered life and its challenges.
That person is a Hans!
My best friend is a Hans.
by FizzleSD May 07, 2013
Supper cute and nice guy that is a great listener and is really simple and well you know awesome. Really nice tan and beautiful eyes and hair.
Like I'm totaly in love with Han. <3
by baeanator October 05, 2015
Someone who constantly gets his scrotum stuck in other people's asses.
Hans, your scrotum is stuck in my ass again.
by dabiffydog December 27, 2014
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