is a name, that is often used to describe a German male.
It is also known, that 99% of all Germans are called Hans.
John: Hey do you know the new kid in the school?
Ben: No, but I bet he looks liken a Hans.
by meisterphiz October 07, 2011
Of Indian decent. To be full of love, passion, power, and influence.
A Hans gives more than he/she takes.
Has mastered life and its challenges.
That person is a Hans!
My best friend is a Hans.
by FizzleSD May 07, 2013
Hoe ass nig
Man my connect didn't come through what a HAN.

by ganjaghost January 05, 2014
A Hans is somebody who is a pothead, pimp, hermit and on the side stripper.

They love little kids to the point of being weird/ creepy/ psychotic. So If you have them HIDE YA KIDS AND HIDE YA WIVES. because a hans will steal them too. They like calling people mean names.
Girls: You're being such a hans tonight. Get up and actually do something with yourself.
by Henry Mole January 07, 2015
Someone who constantly gets his scrotum stuck in other people's asses.
Hans, your scrotum is stuck in my ass again.
by dabiffydog December 27, 2014
High Ass Niggahs Club
Seth Rogan and James Franco are in the H.A.N
by H.A.N Solo July 10, 2009
Hoe ass nigga
Of cours he charged his own mama to get into his club; he's a HAN!
by prissylocs December 05, 2013

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