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god of kickassedness
hans is in charge of everything that is cool and unshawish!!
by SHOVINISTS May 10, 2005
A hapless character from the Simpsons, an old man who is perpetually getting killed or injured in nasty, tragic ways.
Phish: "Who here has medical marijuana?"
Hans: "I do..."
Phris: *reads prescription notes* "Whoa...you're really sick!"
Hans: "The doctors never told me that...I had to hear it from Phish."
by Peter Bradstock May 08, 2004

1. old guy with glasses and a cane
2. the creator of www.olimunkzut.tk
3. a mole
4. pertaining to extreme coolness or ridiculously good web-making
HansMoleman is, by far, the bestest website maker
by The Mole Hole January 26, 2004
A large mole situated above the penile region that turns the female status away from the genitals, therefore receiving no oral pleasure ever in there lifetime.
Did u see that Josh Brown kid today, god he has a wopper of a hans moleman
by Mason Ward December 11, 2007