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Is a girls name coincidently spelling HehE, from this alone we can assume she's going to be a lot of fun. The species originates from wales or at least sounds it and has many magical properties like thrust enhancement. A HehE is easily identifiable by their modelesque height and good looks. But beware, her powers extend beyond the groin region and it is most likely that as soon as you meet the subject you'll realise you've got a friend for life, or at least as long as travel provides ;) Can usually be enticed with a mixture of good music and chocolate. With unique style in all areas, watch out for the HehE on the highstreet, for despite what people might think, you dont come across a species like like very often in life. Make sure you take a photo...but not in a pervy way...or maybe just a bit ;)
I met a HannahEHEvans today...that wont happen to me again.
by Lilyhasa...face November 29, 2011
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