Hank'd means when you flip out at someone for no reason.
Perfect reference to Hank Evans off Me, Myself and Irene or Luke James who Hank'd people.
by Jimmythelioness August 01, 2011
Top Definition
Hank'd |hangkt| -verb: To be ahead in fantasy football going into the Monday night and watch your lead and victory dwindle away only to lose in the waning moments of the football weekend. Most effective when the final margin of victory is very small, or the amount overcome is very large. Most frustrating when all of your players have already played and all hope for you scoring anymore points is lost. In reference to the immortal voice of Hank Williams, Jr.'s "Are you ready for some football!?!"
Anthony: "I thought I would beat Justin this weekend because I was up 10 going into Monday Night Football. But he had Pierre Garcon, who scored 20 points, so I got Hank'd."

Josh: "I was ahead by like 5.1 going into Monday night, but my opponent was Adam. He had LT, and he totally Hank'd me."
by Joesph Christopher Carter October 28, 2010
When a picture is altered with the face of Hank Hill or anyone from the cast of King of the Hill.
Boy 1: Aww man! Did you see that picture of Sailor Moon with a Hank Hill face?
Boy 2: Yeah! She's been Hank'd!
by Zetazach December 05, 2013
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