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A complex and reprehensible deviant sex act. It involves either a man or a woman forming a committed long lasting relationship with a younger naive female counterpart. Then one day seemingly with out reason the boyfriend or lesbian viciously murders the woman and rig an extensive and elaborate system of ropes and pulleys in ther room. The lesbain dons a strapon and the man undresses then lies on the bed positioning the woman above him. The hanger then slips the victims head through a hangman's noose and tightens it around her neck. Finally the survinvg member of the couple rapidly yanks on a rope hanging by the bad to quickly lift the woman's body up and down on the real or fake penis inserted into the womans vagina or anus.
I got tired of Kate bitching, so I fucking hung her. Fucking hung; no pun intended.

Tips for begginers!: Always kill partner before hanging on pulley system, partner tends to shit itself post mortem and unless you're into that sort of thing it can be a mess to clean up. Also storing you better half in the freezer then defrostingg her in warm bath water prior to use will prolong use.
by Kruger 7 March 12, 2005

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