An all-time favorite level in the game HALO. Greatest map for any kind of slayer, king, or oddball. Not great for CTF. This level is simply ruled by the pistol due to the range, zoom, and quick ability for the 3-pop. The invisibility cloak is your best friend, and most useful to help obtain the sniper rifle and overshield. With those 4 things on this level, there's no reason your opponent should even touch you unless you suck. It's known for the several tombstones on the ground, and all the dead bodies on the catwalks when some idiot gets cocky and tries to make it across. Stay on blue base. Shotguns are worthless. Pistol, sniper, and cloaks is what it's all about here. If HALO 2 had this map, it wouldn't suck as much as it does.
Me: Alright, bitch. Hang 'em.
Heat: Oh, you know it's all about hang 'em high.
Me: Break 3, woman.
by Stach23 June 05, 2007
Top Definition
The death penalty for violent crimes.
Texas is a hang em' high state because they believe in an eye for an eye justice for victims.
by moderngracekelly March 10, 2011
pistol level in halo

where pistol whores are discovered
loser:Why does (LKH)-C@N3 keep killing me?

Me:I love killing that loser

loser number 2:Because he is a pistol whore!
by (LKH)-C@N3 September 06, 2004
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