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When a woman must use her hands to squeeze together her breasts while a man tittie fucks her. This is usually done because her breasts are not big enough to tittie fuck without using her hands for support.
"My secretary's tits are nice but she has to handbridge when I tit fuck her. I think I will fire her ass." -Angry MD at a BB
by NakedShort August 18, 2009
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The hand bridge is when you are TFing a chick and the Ts arent big enough to fully sandwich your D. So she positions her hands in such a way where she bridges the flesh gap, thus enabling you to have a synthetic TFing experience, and more importantly B an L on her F.
guest1: The high collar says "I'm a sophisticated lady," but the low cut screams "put it between the bags."

guest2: you think theyre big enough to TF? Looks like she might need to use the hand bridge.
by NakedShort@dealbreaker August 18, 2009
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